Helvetia, WV
History of a Swiss Village

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Reproduction of book cover.

Helvetia: The History of a Swiss Village in the Mountains of West Virginia by David Sutton is available at the Helvetia Library, Helvetia General Store, and the Hutte Restaurant for $25. This is a redesigned, updated, second edition of One's Own Hearth is Like Gold: A History of Helvetia, West Virginia (1990) with additional text and 44 new photos. To order by mail, send a check for $29 (includes shipping via Media Mail and handling) made out to "Helvetia Restoration and Development Association" to:
      Helvetia Restoration and Development Association
      PO Box 34
      Helvetia, WV 26224


David would like to get your comments on the book. If you have a moment, please write him a note at pathworker@tds.net.

The book is published by West Virginia University Press and a portion of the proceeds support activites of the Helvetia Restoration and Development Association.